Roof it Right

PROFESSIONAL ROOFING CONTRACTORS are.. committed to high-quality work. service-oriented ethical in their business dealings established, proven, reliable technically competent willing to stand behind their work committed to their industry insured and committed to safety trained and experienced You can have a PROFESSIONAL ROOFING CONTRACTOR on-hand in just three easy steps: CALL US. LET US ANSWER … Read More

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Cover Boards

Roof It Right Cover Boards Across Canada and the United States, the incorporation of cover boards in low slope roofing applications is common practice. Cover boards, or overlay boards, are thin, normally homogeneous materials, formed into boards and used over roof insulation to provide protection to the insulation during installation and service and to enhance … Read More

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Low Slope Roof Life Expectancy

At first glance, the answer to this question is deceptively simple. The old rule of thumb of “20” years as the minimum period that a roof should provide trouble free performance permeates our industry. Two senior officials of government departments attending the meeting confirmed this view by informing me that as part of their asset … Read More

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Ice Dams Causes / Solutions

Defeat Ice Dams The icicles hanging from eaves and gutters may be a faint memory now. But winter is coming, and along with it one of your worst enemies–ice dams. Ice dams are continuous chunks of ice that form along the margins of your roof. While frozen, they’re no more trouble than the icicles that … Read More

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